How it works

Canntop continuously retrieves and analyses Twitter using a powerful analytics engine designed for social media.

Unlike in a regular timeline, the most engaged accounts are ranked higher, the most shared links are immediately accessible.

Related hashtags are linked and conversation participants are clustered together. Explore the graph and discover more.

Canntop Intelligence Visualizations


  • Know when the buzz peaks!
  • The Timeline shows the volume of conversation over time.
  • The analysis reveals peaks and trends in data so you know how much people are talking.

Top Content

  • Know what buzz is being shared!
  • The Top Content list shows the URLs most shared in all the tweets.
  • This reveals what people are sharing with one another.

Top Terms

  • Know the hashtags and words that are buzzing!
  • The Top Terms visualization discovers the hashtags (left) and words (right) according to how many times each hashtag and word is used in the data set.

Lexical Map

  • Automatically read the big data buzz!
  • The Lexical Map performs a co-word analysis to provide a visual graph of the top concepts in the dataset.
  • This is automatic reading that identifies with coloured clusters the sub-themes to understand big data buzz in a short time.

Topics Map

  • Know the topics and compare theme over time or across groups!
  • The Topic Map measures 32 topics of human behavior in your data.
  • It allows for comparisons of before and after, or one discussion and another.


  • Never miss a rising topic or brand again!
  • Email alerts enable you to create boolean alerts that are sent to the email address(es) of your choice.
  • They let you know when new information you are interested in appears in your project.

Actors by Query

  • See which subjects are overlapping and which are independent!
  • The Actors by Query Map is used to identify actors that comment on different topics.
  • It makes SEO and topic optimization much easier.

Top Actors

  • Know the top users in your data set!
  • The Most Active actors are the publishers with the most posts.
  • The Most Mentioned actors are the publishers with the highest number of mentions by others.

Actor Interactions Network Map

  • Know whom is talking to whom!
  • The Interaction map shows incoming and outgoing tweets by each Twitter handle.
  • Publishers who have interacted with the posts included in your project are clustered together.
  • Key for social network analysis

Retweet Stats

  • See the Retweet Leaders!
  • Top Retweets are ranked according to how many times they have been shared and the top ten are displayed in the list.
  • Top Retweeted users are ranked according to how many times their posts were retweeted.

Heat Map

  • Know where tweeters are!
  • The heat map shows the location of all tweets in the dataset that have a latitude and longitude.
  • The more tweets in a location, the “hotter” the spot on the map.

Time Series Analysis

  • Know what is trending, and when!
  • The TSA shows the trends for posts in your data.
  • It allows the detection of trends and cycles in the data, by subject, compared to a baseline of your choosing.

Canntop Agent Visualizations

Entity Extraction

  • Automatically identify the most important concepts in any text!
  • The Entity Extraction automatically recognizes entities that show the ‘Who, What, and Where’ in any unstructured text.


  • Get an AI summary of what is being said!
  • The extractive-summarization analyses the data and, through a chat bot technology, writes a short summary in plain English.
  • Know the most important themes and discussion topics in any set of texts by letting an AI read them for you!
  • Works on big data and social media; reduces time to insight and empowers analysis.