• Applying leading technologies such as deep machine learning and artificial intelligence.
  • Leveraging proprietary big data infrastructure to produce in-depth industry analytics and reveal real-time comprehensive insights.

Cannabis Expertise

  • Existing clients of core technology include: Canadian Federal Government, specifically, Health Canada
  • We compile real-time data from multiple sources: cannabis partners, government agencies and social media

Comprehensive Data

  • Collecting and analyzing millions of data points worldwide.
  • Potential to source from; governments, social media and cannabis industry partners.
  • Partnerships: Committed to working hand-in-hand with our clients’ teams.

Canntop can help you answer the questions that matter the most to you, by extracting and studying key signals behind the noise.

Social Data is everywhere

Social data is extremely relevant to many organizations in the cannabis ecosystem.

Raw unstructured data is often unusable and unreliable. Our technology makes it more useful and relevant.

Using AI to cleanse and analyze data can help the cannabis industry from seed to sale.

Using AI to analyze trends, vital social data in the recreational and medicinal sectors.

Canntop AI’s Core Technology

Behind our product is a scalable distributed system that crunches and cleans data from a variety of sources around the web, producing reports and visualizations, so you don’t have to read through every tweet, blogpost, and comment. It’s a better, faster way to cut out the noise and get the in-depth insights you need to make crucial decisions.

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